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Choosing Carpet

HOW TO SELECT CARPET Residential Carpets 6 Star Classification System Room Foot Traffic Star Rating Bedroom with light traffic flow Residential Light Duty 1 Living room or entertainment area with light to medium traffic flow Residential Medium Duty 2 A hallway or entertainment area with heavy traffic flow Residential Heavy Duty 3 or 4 Areas […]

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Carpet Supply & Installation

New Carpet Supply & Installation Melbourne We can supply good quality carpet at an affordable price which we guarantee will beat any other company offering same brands. You will ask how? Well we don’t have any middlemen or sales people working for us who will charge significant commission that affects the price adversely. At PMC […]

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Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles Melbourne Got a warehouse that’s asking for a stylish affordable look? Then look no further. Carpet tiles are the best option for a commercial property/office/warehouse. They will last for years and in case of any damage all we need to do is replace 1 or 2 affected tiles. You can do a plain […]

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Carpet Restreching

  Need Carpet Restretching in Melbourne? Got waves or ripples in the carpet? Loose carpet causing tripping hazard? Call us today to get a free quote as we are the best in Carpet re-stretching in Melbourne. Getting bubbles out of your carpet requires extreme care and here at PMC we got the skills and moreover […]

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Carpet Weaving and Fraying

This carpet repair often occurs with looped pile carpet. Moving furniture or sometimes pets pull up strands of your carpets. Instead of replacing your carpets, we can have one of our carpet installers come to your home and re-weave the damaged area of your carpets with an existing strand to perform the carpet repair. Our […]

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Carpet Seaming

Carpet Flooring & Seaming Services Seam repair is needed when an existing seam has come undone. Often, the carpet is pulled up, exposing the back side. The existing seam tape that bonds the carpet together is removed, and the carpet is re-trimmed. Then, with a perfect straight edge, the carpets can be seamed again by […]

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Carpet Repairs

Carpet Repairs Service Melbourne Carpet repair is an avenue you should first consider before throwing in the towel on your damaged carpet. In most situations, your carpets can be fixed by a professional and trained carpet installer. TPMC carpet installers has saved many home owners thousands of dollars by restoring their carpets. It does not […]

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